Saturday, 17 March 2012

1600 tree challenge at Scammonden

For our penultimate weekend of the season Guy organised a big push at Scammonden, and bought another 1600 trees. Quite a few of them were planted on Friday by Guy's corporate outreach volunteers. We came along on Saturday and helped finish the rest. We were: myself, Philip, Simon, Dave, Peter, Stephen, Andrew, Geoff, Cath, Ramsay, and Duncan. Ben was around, and had stayed in the Scout centre overnight, along with Guy and some other irregulars. The Senior Section of Brian, Peter, Trevor and Dianne were also on site. Quite a few people, and a lot got planted.

Of course, there were rumours of mysterious drink related incidents on Friday night. Some Society members were uncharacteristically quiet on Saturday morning, and one was even sporting an oddly positioned elastoplast. I hope that there were not similar ribald and deblitating shenanigans Saturday evening. Or at least, that there were no further injuries.

Footnote to myself. There are 150 trees on site, plus 140 stakes and 130 guards, for planting with Wakefield Cubs next Saturday.