Saturday, 4 August 2012

Butterley Reservoir

Ben, Philip and Peter in front of some our trees

Today, Dave, Geoff, Philip, Ben and Peter visited Butterley reservoir and cleared bracken from around trees planted on both sides of the reservoir by CVTS over the last six or seven years. We certainly saved a few young oaks being swamped by the primeval weed and helped some more mature saplings. Many trees are now doing well enough to no longer be disturbed by the bracken and in time, will replace it completely. We also noticed a lot of self-seeded trees springing up which we helped along their way. We also did a temporary fix on a broken style at the edge of a conifer plantation planted by Yorkshire Water. The weather was warm and mostly sunny, the flies and midges quite bad in places and there was no cake or biscuits of any kind. Despite this it was a good morning.