Saturday, 8 December 2012

Green Hill Clough, Marsden

Cath, Andrew, and Philip hard at work. 
Today we were up above Marsden, with almost a clear view east to Selby. We were planting more trees on a Forestry Commission Woodland grant scheme funded site, in an attempt to bring it up to the necessary standard. We were: Andrew, Philip, Geoff, Cath, Hap, Julia, me, Ben, Stephen, Dave, Duncan and Guy.Because of a mix up on my part we only had 115 trees to plant, which we did, but we were supposed to plant 150 so will have to pop back up there sometime to finish off. Philip, Geoff and I then visited a householder in West Slaithwaite, with a view to planting some hedging and trees for them later in the Season.