Saturday, 25 May 2013

Summer work 2013 - The polytunnel

Guy, Ben, Mandy, Ben and Dave. And blue sky!
First day of our Summer Saturdays, and it was lovely weather. We were doing preparations for the reconstitution of the poly tunnel. Dave and Ben have spent a lot of time clearing the area, and pulling down the massive Roses that had grown over the frame. Today we were digging the trench around the sides, which the tunnel material will be buried into to anchor it. We were: Mandy, Guy, Dave, Philip, myself, Ben, Neil, Geoff and Remy. We were briefly joined by Duncan and Harvey the dog, but they left before any work got done! Cake was a lovely sugary coffee and walnut.

Towards the end Guy and Dave became fixated on some old concreted in fence posts at the bottom end of the poly tunnel. They enjoyed subjecting these to considerable violence.