Saturday, 15 November 2014

Foggy, but no Compo or Clegg

This morning we were in a field at the bottom of Crimble Clough, Slaithwaite, planting 105 Hawthorn, 30 Hazel and 20 Rowan as a shelter belt. And 20 Sessile Oak and 10 Rowan in 4 small clumps at the other end of the field.

We were: Philip, Dave, Vashti, Cath, Trevor, Peter W., Peter T., Steve, Geoff, Geoff's friend (name not taken, our apologies), Dianne, Jess, and Ben. Simon was off poorly. Landowners Hannah and Alex are also in the photo.

Cake was Apple flapjack, capably distributed by Steve in Simon's absence. Geoff's friend also brought tasty biscuits.

Duncan's absence was noted again - we miss Harvey the dog! Apparently  he is injured. We wish him a speedy recovery. Harvey that is.