Sunday, 4 January 2015

Who ate all the Willow?

Philip, Peter T., Steve, Cath, Simon, Stephen, Hap and Dave.
So here we were again at Butterley. The weather wasn't as nice as it was supposed to be, it kept on sleeting when it was meant to stop. But we kept busy and planted another 200 trees. We were: myself, Philip, Steve, Stephen, Peter T. Hap, Dave, Geoff and Cath. Cake was jam sponge.

Some critter had eaten some of the trees we had left on site, despite them being very well covered with stakes and guards. Only ate the Willow, and devoured the whole stems. A hare? So we lost 45 of our Woodland Trust Willow. But we still had lots of TCV trees.

There are 30 Oak still on site, together with just over 200 deer stakes and guards, and 50 hare stakes and guards. There are another 60 or so trees still at the nursery for here. And a further 250 trees for here due with the next Woodland Trust delivery.