Saturday, 28 March 2015

Woodland management at Throstle Green Farm

Alder logs, orangey when wet, white when dried. Go figure.
Clearly I get a bit slack about the blog towards the end of the Season. So here, belatedly is an account of last Saturday.

We went to Throstle Green Farm at the request of the owners, to manage some planting done there around 15 years ago. We cleared Willow and Blackthorn regrowth, while Philip and Stephen felled Alder and Willow with their chainsaws.

We were: Philip, Stephen, Mandy, Guy, myself, Dave, Tanya, Geoff, Duncan and Harvey the Dog, Neil, Sarah, Trevor, Dianne, Jess, and Hap.

Cake was homemade scones with butter and jam.

And it flippin' well lashed it down nearly all morning. So we got quite wet. Still, was last day, and all my kit got its annual wash afterwards.

Philip and myself will now take a short break from organising these shenanigans. Doesn't mean folk can't still go out and about on Saturdays.