Saturday, 9 May 2015

Chainsaws and wheelbarrows

I always forget to take the before pics.

A day of two halves.

Myself, Philip, Stephen, Steve and Geoff went to Butterley to clear the path through the pine plantation. The plantation is towards the end of it's life, trees are dying and falling each winter blocking the footpath.  A count of rings on one of the larger fallen trees suggests they about 40 years old. Philip and Stephen were cutting these up with chainsaws, while I was moving logs and snedding with my favourite forester's axe. A lone walker with her dogs did express gratitude. Steve and Geoff were roaming about on nearby hillside removing guards and checking last season's planting.

Meanwhile, back at the nursery... Guy, Dave, Ben and Jess were eagerly anticipating the arrival of a trailerload of cowsh*t. Though given that it then took til 5pm to wheelbarrow it all into place maybe they shouldn't have been so keen. There was a lot. We were v.tired by the end. Guy's heroic efforts not to gloat about the election result were appreciated, even if he couldn't entirely contain himself.

Steve, with Geoff a tiny spec on horizon.