Saturday, 4 July 2015

Blakeley Reservoir Bracken Bashing

Geoff, Ben, Stephen, Dave and Hap.
This morning we walked up the Wessenden Valley for a bracken bashing session beside Blakeley Reservoir. We were: myself, Geoff, Ben, Stephen, John, Dave, Hap and Steve. A nice breeze kept the midges off, so all we had to worry about was the hard work involved on the steep slope. Clearing the bracken from around the newly planted trees will allow them to receive light and more nutrients. A couple more weeks of bracken growth and these 1.2 metre tree guards would have been completely engulfed, and the trees inside left in the dark for the whole Summer.

I was asked to include some of the break time conversation topics in the blog, which were, for the record, Mark E. Smith, incontinence, and the fact that Mallard ducks are inconsiderate lovers.

In the distance, on the right hand hillside beyond the reservoir, you can see several areas planted by the CVTS in past years.