Saturday, 10 October 2015

Geoff's birthday treat - a day at the Nursery.

Today we stayed at the Nursery and prepared for the forthcoming planting season. We were: myself, Philip, Jess, Geoff, Steve, Ben, Dave and Guy.

We cleared a patch of ground for healing in the root stock when it arrives, cleared the access path so that we could get in and out of that area, tied reclaimed guards into bundles of 50, tied reclaimed stakes into bundles of 9, sawed logs, sold logs to the Sair, picked apples - and ate Bakewell tart.

All very productive.

No pictures today though, I forgot.

And it was Geoff's birthday.

PS. There are now 250 deer stakes, 130 deer guards, 50 hare stakes and 100 hare guards on site at B.  Which means we need to take another 200 deer stakes and 320 deer guards up there. And either use the hare guards for Scots Pine, or swap those out for shrubshelters.

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