Saturday, 2 September 2017

Here there and everywhere

Solo, solo.

Dave, Dianne, Lizzie, Dean and Geoff

John and Adrian

Funny old morning this one.

Philip, John and Adrian went to Fieldhouse, to mow brambles.

Guy, Ben and Solo the dog, Dean, Jess, Lee, Dianne and Lizzie the dog, Geoff, Dave and Hap went to Marsden to remove tree guards.

That left myself and Susan at the Nursery, she had flu, I am still nursing my sprained ankle. Then Susan went home. That left me on my own.

Until I was joined by Corey, very young grandson of Sharon from the adjacent terrace. Corey was very enthusiastic about helping me cut up logs and split them with the log splitter (under very careful supervision). He also picked apples, and rode his bike round the paths. I ended up spending longer at the nursery than I anticipated, because I couldn't get rid of Corey. Finally he got tired/bored, and went to his nan's.

Then I came home and wrote emails to this year's planting site landowners.

Later on, I was deluged with lovely photos.

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