Saturday, 2 December 2017

Blackroc - Hard times

So we were back for our second and thankfully final week at Black Rock Mills. The ground remained very hard and hard going, with little topsoil for most of the planting area. We also had some problems applying the landscape architects planting plan in terms of the areas to be planted. But in the end, after some unnecessary stress and disagreements amongst ourselves, we think we got it done.

We were: Hap, Stephen, Adrian, Jess, Dave, Geoff, Philip, myself, Rob, Dianne and Lizzie the dog, and Ben. Plus two very willing and able Scouts.

Today we planted: 75 Dogwood, 75 Dog Rose, 75 Elder, 75 Hazel, 50 Rowan, 25 Bird Cherry, 25 Hawthorn, 45 Holly, 50 Sessile Oak.  495 plants total. Most of these were protected with canes and spirals. The larger tree varieties received 75cm stakes and guards.

Nice tune this week, both artist name and title appropriate:

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