Saturday, 11 January 2020

Black Flag - Nervous breakdown

Who knew silage bales could be so photogenic?

This week we were at a farm overlooking Meltham Mills, beginning a long mixed hedgerow.

It was stupidly windy, which didn't help communications, and we were spread out across the site.

Nevertheless we got 390 plants in the ground easily, 15 beech, 15 bird cherry, 30 blackthorn, 60 dog rose, 45 elder, 15 field maple, 150 hazel, 15 holly, 15 oak, 15 spindle and 15 whitebeam. We need to return to fill in the gaps with about 700 Hawthorn. Then complete the next 150m or so, in a similar manner.

We were: Philip, Geoff, Dave, Adrian, myself, John, Jon, Hap, Tanya, Sophie, Jess, Dianne, Steve, Stephen, Ben, Alastair, Jared, Alison and Paul.

Cake was parkin.

Tea break time!

A tune for Philip this week.

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