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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Reclaim and re-use

Brian, Trevor and Peter
A rare photo feature for the Senior Section today. Brian, Trevor, Peter and Dianne were at Marsden Golf course removing stakes and guards. With the help of the young un Jess were were able to bluetooth the photo off Dianne's blackberry onto my phone.

Guy and Philip, and many many deer guards.
The rest of us were at Scammonden removing deer stakes and guards for re-use at Parkwood. We were: myself, Vashti, Hap, Peter T, Steve, Philip, Guy, Neil, Andrew, Duncan and Harvey the Dog, Jess, Geoff and Remy. Cake was a kind of almond free cherry bakewell.

Other notable events of the morning. Hap kindly donated several prizes for the raffle to be held at the 50th, and we met Roger and Richard in the Sair, and they have very generously sponsored our room booking at the Broad Oak Bowling Club.