Saturday, 22 March 2014

Lindley Owls and Butterley Twite

So once again we were in two groups. Philip led the team to Butterley. They were: Philip, Hap, Ben, Neil, Vashti, and Peter T. They almost finished the Where Birds go to die planting, leaving about 40 left to do.

I took a team up to Parkwood Golcar. We were: myself, Brian, Geoff, Jess, Duncan and Harvey the Dog and Stephen. We were joined by Yolande and Sue from Lindley Infants school, and they brought with them two Guides, Hope and Sunner, and selection of parents and children from the school. Together we planted exactly 300 trees. Weather was a bit mixed, mostly good all morning, but with rain sodden ground, and one outbreak of cold sleet. The Butterley crew were less lucky with the weather and arrived back at the pub quite damp.

Mr Moriarty looking a bit muddy

Parkwood before
Parkwood after