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Saturday, 14 February 2015

A man walked into a bar...

After (and Bob)

A misty morning at Slaithwaite Cricket Club, planting 250 Field Maple, Bird Cherry, Crab Apple, Hazel and Dogwood on the embankment behind the stand. This was done in collaboration with the landowner, following plans drawn up from when the housing development was done behind the ground. Not great ground, there being a lot of spoil from the housebuilding. And a bit of a perilous slope. But we finished on time, and then went to the Sair for our mid season meeting.

We were: Philip, Bob, Duncan and Harvey the dog, Ben, Stephen, Dave, Neil, myself, Peter W., Trevor, Dianne and Cath. Jess sent her apologies, as did Prince Edward (who Jess met this week at her gold DofE award presentation). Geoff also sent his apologies, he was going to see Stewart Lee in Manchester. ??? Is the surreal and mordant wit of the CVTS not enough for Geoff?

After the planting and mid season, while a few of us were trying to enjoy a drink in the Sair, we were harassed by some nutter at the bar. He appeared to have been drinking since breakfast (or maybe since 1970).He took exception to our tree planting activities, maintaining that the type of trees were planting did not sustain native insects or birds. Not that he knew what type of trees we plant. He didn't seem to want to stop ranting, calling us liars, or pointing at us. But we were leaving anyway.