Saturday, 7 February 2015

Wholestone Moor - week 1

We had a good day on Saturday, though didn't get all 250 trees planted. We planted 125 Oaks and 25 British Alder in Wholestone Moor phase 3 (the long strip parallel to the motorway). Beating-up seems to be more time consuming than straight planting. I always forget how noisy the M-way is when you are right next to it.

A combination of 2 trailer trips for Dave, one for Brian with stakes, and guards in various cars we got all the stakes and guards up there. People had there back seats down in readiness! Raymond couldn't get his tractor going initially, but came back at 10.30 in his tractor with trailer. We loaded up the trailer with 500 stakes and Guy's 500 standard plus guards, which is now parked at the top near to the planting area. Guy appeared and drew a map of where the trees are to be planted.

The 100 stakes and thin guards are on site in Wholestone Moor phase 2 ready for the 100 Alder which I took back to the nursery and heeled-in.

We were: Dave, Geoff, Jess, Diane (and Lizzy the noisy dog), Peter T, Peter W, Stephen, Hap, Duncan (and Harvey the quieter dog), Philip, Steve G. and Ben. Brian helped to trailer and then disappeared. Cake was ginger.