Saturday, 28 February 2015

Wholestone Moor Week 3

Back to Wholestone Moor, to plant another 150 Sessile Oak and 100 Italian Alder to augment the trees that are already (slowly) growing up there. We managed this with relative ease, and had time to reclaim a bunch of 75cm guards and stakes for re-use, plus a shedload of cable ties. We were: Jess, Emma, John, Hap, myself, Philip, Geoff, Ben, Cath, Peter T., Peter W., Steve, Duncan, and Harvey the Dog. Cake was fruit sponge. Weather was passable, bit damp at first but dried up.

In the evening Geoff screened the tree people trailer at Marsden film club, before the main feature. We also took the tree Society banner along. We only sold one DVD, but all publicity is good publicity.