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Saturday, 13 February 2016

There's gonna be a Butterley breakout!

Here we were at Butterley again. Today planting 30 Scots Pine, 105 Sessile Oak, 30 Downy Birch, 15 Bird Cherry, 30 Hazel, and a couple of rogue Alder.

We were: myself, Hap, Philip, John, Adrian, Ros, Tanya, Jess, Dianne and Lizzie the dog, Duncan and Harvey the dog, Ben, Steve, Dave, Lesley, Robert, Makun, and Jenny, plus special guests Marsden Thieving Magpie Morris folk Angie, Penny, Alan, Sarah, and Paddy and his dog.

Cake was ginger, and it didn't rain or snow, well, almost.

We were back at the Sair in plenty of time for our mid-season meeting. 

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