Saturday, 6 February 2016

Beginning Butterley

Apols for slight blurriness, twas raining.

Our first Saturday at Butterley for this year, and we planted 45 Scots Pine and 105 Sessile Oak, in the pouring rain. We were: myself, Philip, Dave, Jess, Dan, Dianne and Lizzie the Dog, Duncan and Harvey the Dog, Hap, Stephen K., Ros, Adrian, Lesley and Robert, Ben, and special guests Diane G., Jenny and Makun (all the way from Japan). Cake was pineapple and cherry sponge. Nice. We all had a pretty good time considering the weather, but we were fairly damp by the end.

Back at the Nursery, Geoff, John and Guy were busy producing saleable logs.

There was a third party planting on the other side of the reservoir: Brian, Chris and Ramsay.

All today's trees stakes and guards were acquired through our affiliation with the White Rose Forest and the Woodland Trust.

Duncan happily hammering.

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