Saturday, 20 February 2016

The Magnificent Seven

I wonder why they don't let me in front of the camera more often?
Here we were back at Butterly. I say we, but our numbers were significantly down on last week. That said 7 of us did the same work as 23 last week. Old school, rainy day, hard scrabble tree planting.

We were: myself, Geoff, Adrian, Peter W., Dave, Steve and Andrew. We planted 105 Oak, 30 Scots Pine, 30 Bird Cherry, and 30 Birch.

There was another sub-group, the glamorous chainsaw boys were out and about. Stephen K, Philip and Guy may have spent the morning admiring each others chaps and oiling their chains, or doing some well needed thinning and felling. Evidence to follow.

Dampened but unbowed.

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