Saturday, 29 December 2007

Netherwood Farm

(Our guest blogger today is Geoff, because I was off doing family christmas stuff in

Today we planted at Netherwood Farm, a site we have visited over
several yearsand planted in 3 phases. Some of the trees are quite
mature now but at the very top of the site they have not taken so well
due to the exposed conditions, so today we were infiling with quick
growing under-story species, hazel and Italianalder plus a few sitca
spruce. These will hopefully help to give more shelter in
the medium term to the slower growing species such as oak.
The weather wasmostly good, bright and sunny but cold and windy,
though the rain came ontowards theend of the morning as is so
often the case.

A low turn out today (Guy, Cath, Geoff and later Brian) but we
still planted about 135 trees (the majority of which still need
guarding), though theabsence of Simon meant no cake so
we had to make do with various

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