Saturday, 28 March 2009

Holme Bank Wood, and Well House

This morning we planted 100 Holly above Holme Bank Wood, overlooking Butterly Reservoir. It was a very steep and somewhat rocky slope, there was lots of moaning about rocks and no topsoil, but we got it done quite quick. We were quite high up, with a lovely view, but it was a bit unseasonally chilly. The cake was a very acceptable pecan and apricot fruit cake. Main photo shows Brian holding forth on some topic or other, and Dan listening raptly. Second photo is of Philip and Peter looking at the view, you can see our cars parked up on the hill in the background. After we'd had our tea and cake we stopped by at Well House on the way back, and planted 80-100 more trees and popped on a couple of hundred of the canes and spiral guards that Guy sourced.  A busy morning, we didn't finish til 1pm. 

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