Saturday, 4 April 2009

Last saturday of the season. Meltham

The assembled throng is plied with strong drink

Last day of planting for this season, and we were once again high on the hill above Meltham. Planting Alder, Oak, Ash, and more Hawthorn and Blackthorn to supplement the shelter belt we planted here two weeks ago. It was a lovely morning, though the wind is a bit brisk up there. Brian brought  out the whiskey again at break time, and I understand it went well with the fruit cake. We had extra volunteers again this week, Army John, Richard, Roger, Dianne, Rob, and Wilf Proctor (one of the founder members of the society). Drinks were partaken in the Wills O' Nats afterwards. A very pleasant end to the season. Now we start planning for November!

Brian, Wilf and Dave

Brian's giant bare rooted alder!

Purely medicinal

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