Saturday, 27 January 2018

Lucifer over Lancashire

Hap (with bucket) Philip, Peter and a bit of Geoff (I think).

I don't know why, but Hap holding that bucket is hilarious. He just found it in the field. And we were all very, very wet at the end of a windy and wet morning. Lancashire sent us this evil weather from the West. So that and the sad demise of bandleader Mark Smith explains this week's song title.

We were: Hap and his bucket, myself, Philip, Peter, Geoff, Dave, Tanya, Stephen, Ben, and our host, Audrey.

We were right up the head of the valley, hence our exposure to the worst weather Lancashire could provide.

Cake was provided by Audrey, and it was lovely.

We planted 100 Common Alder, 50 Aspen, 50 Downy Birch and 30 Goat Willow.

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