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Saturday, 3 February 2018

Industrial estate

Dave and Philip in a perilous position.

This morning we were divided. Some folks stayed at the nursery to saw and split logs, and the rest of us were in a rather un-glamorous spot down the hill behind some industrial sheds. Retrieving some very nice wood that had been felled when the sheds got newly roofed and guttered. We also rescued some great cherry that had been felled  nearby where someone had cut down trees to improve the view from their conservatory. The cherry trees were on council land, so that would be criminal damage. And a criminal waste of good wood, having left it on the ground.

We were: Philip, Dave, Steve, Lee, Jess, Dianne, Cath, Peter, John, Hap, Geoff, Adrian, Sue, Duncan, Tanya and myself.


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