Saturday, 17 February 2018

You've got my number (why don't you use it?)

Everyone wishing there'd be a dry Saturday.

This week we were at Bolster Moor, planting 50 Hazel, 50 Sweet Chestnut, 50 Goat Willow, 25 Beech, 25 Oak, 100 Blackthorn and 25 Dog Rose.

We were: myself, Stephen O., Stephen K., Steve, Tanya, Dianne, Jess, Lee, Dave, Philip, Hap, Peter, Ben, Adrian and Sue.

After that we had our formal mid-season meeting in one of the side rooms at the pub. Where we were forced to face the coming of the 2018 General Data Protection Regulations.

Fantastically ironic tune this week. 

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