Sunday, 4 December 2011

Even Wintery-er at Butterley

Made several solo trips up to Butterley Clough to check out where to plant this season. Took some stakes up, and retrieved some left over from last year. So there are already 150 deer stakes and 150 deer guards on site, plus 50 rabbit guards and stakes. Of last years planting the Sitka Spruce and Rowan are doing well. Oak seemingly less so. This years planting mix will be a mixture of Rowan, Oak, Birch, Hawthorn and Blackthorn, a standard mix supplied to us by the Woodland Trust. We are planning to do this work on the morning of 17th December.

Older planting is doing ok. Sitka Spruce and Scots Pine grow well. Birch grow well, but then suffer from die back. Rowan grow well. Oak grow, but slowly. Hawthorn grow, but even more slowly. Older planting using only rabbit guards has been a bit hit or miss, given sheep incursion and grazing.

And it rained or hailed every time I went up. Photo is from my second trip .

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