Saturday, 24 December 2011

Happy Holidays from the Colne Valley Tree Society

Assembled motley crew, scoffing sausage rolls and whisky. Some previous planting in foreground.

It may have been Christmas eve, but it was still a Saturday morning, so out we went into the wind and rain. It did clear up though and we had a lovely morning planting 300+ trees at Neil and Sarah's field in Marsden. We were: myself, Ann, Philip, Ali, Andrew, Ben, Geoff, Dave, Neil, Julia and Stephen, plus our hosts Neil and Sarah, plus a very special guest French Canadian contingent, Eduard and Maxime plus their mum and Dad. We had Whisky, veggie sausage rolls and flapjack at break time. And then some beer in the Riverhead afterwards. And all made it home in time to fulfil our other Christmas eve responsibilities. Result.

See, it did brighten up a bit. Marsden in background.

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