Saturday, 17 December 2011

To the land of ice and snow - Butterley

Myself, Cath, Stephen and Heidi having cake.

This morning we were above Butterley Reservoir, planting 200 trees given to us by the Woodland Trust, and using stakes and guards bought with a donation from the Cuckoo's Nest shop in Marsden. We were: myself, Andrew, Stephen, Cath, Heidi, Dave and Geoff. It started out quite nice, but then snow hail and sleet set in. Towards the end the sun came out again. We got almost all the trees planted though, and I'll pop back and finish the last few one Sunday morning. Nice fruit cake at break. The planting at Butterley is a long term project, which started with Hemplow Wood over 10 years ago. Each year we go back and add a little bit more to Butterley clough - though the biggest challenge there is the long and steep walk from the nearest road. The National Trust use helicopters for that sort of thing you know, jessies.Cath putting a brave face on. Behind the wall you can see previous years planting.

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