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Last winter we planted over 5000 trees!

Saturday, 9 February 2013

500 tree challenge! Surpassed!

These people planted 550 trees today. Photo by Duncan.
Today we were at Parkwood, Golcar, and I'd set an informal, and quite optimistic, target of 500 trees to plant. We did about 550! Well done everybody. We were: Philip, myself, Remy, Duncan (and Harvey the dog), Trevor, Peter, Stephen, Brian, Peter, Hap, Andrew, Dave, Geoff, Dianne, Ramsay, Pierre-Alexandre, Maxime, Claudine, Edouard, and Rob. We planted 255 Downy Birch, 240 Hornbeam, and around 70 Willow. Cake was a nice seed-laden flapjack. Things got a bit loud in the Sair later as our several retired teachers railed against the state of state education.

Maxime hard at work planting, while Philip and Andrew idly chat.