Saturday, 2 February 2013

Planting trees and chasing sheep

Dave's strange animal hat has been with us for many years.
First, lets get the statistics out of the way.
Friday, Dave took 140 stakes and 120 deer guards to Parkwood.
Saturday, Richard took 270 stakes and 180 deer guards to Parkwood.
Saturday, Brian took 120 stakes and 120 deer guards to Parkwood. And 150 Lime trees.
After Saturday's planting there were 185 Alder and 365 Scots Pine left at Pasture Wood.

We were in two crews again. Brian, Trevor, Duncan (and dog), Ramsay, Dianne and Jess went to Parkwood. And planted 100 Lime, guarded another 60 Lime.

Myself, Philip, Dave, Cath, Geoff, Remy and Stephen went to Pasture Wood, where we planted an unknown number of Scots Pine. The reason we were not sure how many we got planted was we spent some time removing 9 sheep from the site. Dave acted as shepherd, the rest of us as the dogs. And it worked pretty well. The sheep needed removing, they had been eating some planted but unguarded Scots Pine, and even nibbling Alder which were still in their boxes. Philip thought the sheep had been deliberately put on site after our appearance in the paper two weeks ago, but that may be a little paranoid.

After planting Philip and I went to meet Julie from Friends of Slaithwaite Station to talk about planting for them. We agreed that we would plant around 25 trees, a mix of Hawthorn, Rowan, Oak, Blackthorn and Whitebeam on the grass verge of the car park.

Dianne, Ramsay, Brian, Jess and Trevor at Parkwood
All in all a productive and very enjoyable morning in bright cold sunshine.