Saturday, 16 February 2013

Cop Hill with Scouts

The Cop Hill plantation was planted some 16 years ago. A very difficult site, very high up and a former tip area. Initial planting struggled but subsequent planting of Italian alder has resulted in a decent copse. Last Saturday Huddersfield North Scout leaders were on a training weekend camping in the nearby Scout wood at the top of Merrydale. Guy and Phillip gave an introduction and trained on the maintenance / mangement of the copse which included planting an additional 15 Italian Alder. Tree guards and stakes were removed, the oaks were formatively pruned  and any larch that were shading the oaks had the shading branches removed. About 16 workers including Guy, Phillip and myself completed the maintenance. It would be great to plant an under storey of holly within the copse to secure the site. Duncan.