Saturday, 16 February 2013

Parkwood and Pasture Wood, again.

Philip, Guy, Dave, Andrew, Hap and Stephen
Today we split into two groups again, the senior team going to Parkwood, Golcar and rest visiting Pasture Wood, Marsden. The day started frosty and a little cloudy but gradually warmed up and by eleven o'clock it felt warm and sunny, even Spring-like. We planted in excess of 150 Scots pine and Italian alder at Pasture Wood. As with all the work here this season, these quick-growing, hardy species are being planted amongst the existing trees to try and improve their slow growth rate on this exposed site by providing more shelter from the elements. It's slow going here as the terrain is so steep and uneven and much time is spent getting about the site and trying not to fall over. It's hard work. Also, the nature of the work does not help as infilling with trees ranging over a wide area makes the  ergonomics of the process hard to optimise. Despite Simon's absence we had cake courtesy of Simon's Mum and Philip who picked it up from Marsden on the way to the site. It was a delicious light fruit cake. At Pasture Wood we were, Geoff, Philip, Andrew, Stephen, Hap, Ben, Dave, Remy and Guy. Not sure of the exact turnout at Parkwood (or what trees were planted) but definitely present were, Brian, Trevor and Peter, and with a rare guest appearance from Bob. Afterwards Philip and Guy went off to a pruning event at Old Ground organised by Duncan.