Saturday, 23 February 2013

Another 500+ trees planted at Parkwood

Ropey photo I know, but you can see the nascent hedge, and all the trees planted in the field in the distance.
Today we we planted 300 Hawthorn and 200 Ossier Willow at Parkwood, plus some Oak. The Hawthorn will formed a hedge along the top edge of one of the fields. This hedge can later be used for hedge laying practice. The Ossier Willow has been planted for a source of basket making materials, and filled a small area next to the Hawthorn hedge, and also made up what will be a Willow hut next to the Golcar food co-ops allotments. The Willow hut was planted by Richard and Rob, and the other members of the Golcar co-op.
Tree Society folk were: Ben, Philip, myself, Stephen, Peter, Hap, Geoff, Remy, Duncan (and Harvey the dog) and Dave. Planting some oaks in the adjoining field were Brian, Peter, Ramsay, Trevor and Dianne. Cake was a very nice coconut and lime sponge.

Then we retired to the Sair in Linthwaite for our mid-season meeting. Dianne provided us all with soup and bread. And the meeting went quickly as several present wished to get home to watch the rugby.